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Musicians and Hearing Protection – 5 months ago

Musicians are at a greater risk of acquiring tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and general hearing damage than people in most other professions. In 2008 a German study found that professional musicians are nearly four times as likely as other folks to suffer tinnitus or hearing damage or loss. Hearing protection can be an invaluable […]

Why Don’t More People Check Their Hearing on a Regular Basis? – 5 months ago

Hearing: An Important Physical Ability Today most Americans obtain regular medical and dental checkups. Many people also routinely arrange to visit an optometrist. Why, then, do so many delay scheduling periodic hearing tests provided by an audiologist? The answer to this question highlights one of the most pervasive problems associated with hearing loss. The Beauty […]

Why get a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation before buying a hearing aid? – 5 months ago

Isn’t it important To understand whether the hearing loss that you’re experiencing can be corrected by medical or surgical means before investing in costly hearing aids? Wouldn’t you like to find out if your hearing issues are related to potentially serious illnesses? All hearing tests are not the same When it comes to testing the […]

Help: The Settings Are Wrong on My Hearing Aids! – 5 months ago

Anyone who suffers from hearing problems realizes that hearing aids can be life changing. Properly adjusted, hearing aids make it possible for those of us suffering from impairments to enjoy the world around us. Thanks to hearing aids, we can hear the birds singing, listen to our children talk about their day at school, and […]

Maintain Healthy Hearing in Spite of Diabetes – 6 months ago

Diabetes is truly an insidious disease. Though there is an immediate risk of extreme low or high blood glucose levels, most of the damage accumulates slowly over time. Elevated blood glucose levels are a symptom of prediabetes and diabetes of any type. The American Diabetes Association indicates that, in 2012, 29.1 million Americans were diagnosed […]

Key Indicators of Hearing Loss – 7 months ago

Most people mistakenly believe that hearing damage is easy to recognize when, in fact, the warning signs can be somewhat ambiguous and indicative of a variety of issues. Likewise, the issue is a typical problem that arises from a variety of different causes, including sound, illness, maturing, and even heredity. As such, it’s important to […]

Winter Hearing Aid Care Tips – 7 months ago

Shield Your Hearing Aids from Harm This Winter During the cold, dry winter months, you might not see the need to take extra care of your hearing aids, but water in the form of condensation can still be forming inside the small electrical components of your hearing aids. This makes good winter care important to […]

Is Your Child’s Media Consumption Affecting His Hearing? – 7 months ago

Does your child like prefer the television louder than the rest of the family? Do you often hear your child’s music even when he is wearing headphones? Is your child listening to hours of loud music for multiple hours a day? Does your child have to remove her earbuds to hear anything you are saying […]

Hearing Damage on the Rise in Teen Population – 7 months ago

We often think of hearing loss as a condition that impacts senior citizens. However, recent studies have audiologists and other hearing professionals concerned that teens will soon be the population most impacted by hearing issues. The increase in use of individual audio gadgets, including smartphones, iPods, and other compact options, has had a significant effect […]

What You Should Know About Hearing Test Evaluations – 7 months ago

A hearing examination is a thorough evaluation of a persons hearing through the administration of several different tests. These evaluations are recommended to anyone that believes that their hearing is deteriorating or anyone that’s over the age of 50. There are a number of steps associated with these examinations that you should be aware about […]

Different Types of Hearing Aids and How They Work – 8 months ago

When considering the usage of a hearing aid to bolster your current hearing levels, there are a couple of types that you should be aware of. Each hearing aid type comes with their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what these are will ensure that your purchase decision is an informed one. Digital […]

Women and Hearing Loss: Early Treatment essential in resolving the Problem – 9 months ago

Most health organizations have been trying to create more awareness on women health. So far, the health campaigns have succeeded in improving the overall access to healthcare services. However, women’s hearing health is an important health issue that has been left out in most health campaigns. The health effects of hearing loss Most women become […]

Is it Time to Replace Your Hearing Aids? Here are Some Signs – 9 months ago

Like any other piece of equipment that gets used on a daily basis, your hearing aids will wear out over time. While most hearing aids are built to last for several years, they will need to be replaced at some point. Here are some signs that it may be time to shop for a new […]

How To Use Headphones Alongside Your Hearing Aids – 9 months ago

Most people suffering a hearing loss are required to use hearing aids. Hearing aids help to improve a person’s hearing ability by amplifying sound. Most hearing aid users are at a loss in knowing whether they can use headphones while still using hearing aids. The truth is that one can use headphones alongside his or […]

How To Clean the Ears and Common Ear Cleaning Practices That Could Be Dangerous. – 9 months ago

The body in its entirety is self-cleaning. It means even the most internal or hidden of organs have a way of removing foreign bodies. Take the ears for example. They produce wax that traps dust and any other unknown object going into the ear. All that is left to clean out is the dirty wax. […]

Hearing Loss Due To Contact Sports – 9 months ago

Contact sports, which include football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and rugby, are a source of great fun for both the players and the fans. Any participating player would love to win against the opponents. But in most cases, the players are not aware of the health effects of their actions. The most common health issues […]

Health Benefits of an Annual Hearing Test – 9 months ago

In most cases, you are exposed to noise that is potentially harmful to your hearing health. However, it is hard to identify hearing loss since it occurs gradually. For this reason, it is important to schedule an annual ear damage check up to help in early identification and diagnosis. Who Needs To Go For A […]

Guide to Men’s Hearing Health – 9 months ago

  Hearing may not be necessary to survival, but it is a sense which can bring great joy to the human experience. Whether it be an orchestra playing a Mozart symphony, a child’s laughter or the sound of rain hitting the roof, hearing can bring pleasure and contentment as well as knowledge to our lives. […]

8 Reasons To Put a Hearing Test at The Top of Your To-Do List – 9 months ago

When it comes to preventative care, scheduling a hearing test is not seen on the average person’s list of priorities. Most people figure “well, if my hearing starts to go, I’ll notice” or “I’m not deaf, so it’s not important.” But scheduling a hearing test is not just about your hearing – problems diagnosed in […]

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Childhood Hearing Loss – 9 months ago

According to research, 40 percent of hearing loss is caused by genetic factors. The remaining 60 percent of factors are preventable according to the World Health Organization. Some preventable causes of hearing loss at a young age include infections, birth complications and exposure to toxic medications among others. Loud noise too can be a contributing […]