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Back to School! Hearing Test should be part of every medical exam.

Audiology Island is urging parents to request a routine hearing test as part of their child’s annual checkup

It is estimated that at least 1.4 million children 18 or younger have hearing problems, and ear infections are the most common causes of hearing loss in young children.  It is important for children to have their hearing checked before each school year.

Common signs of hearing loss in children include:

  • Saying “huh?” or “what?” frequently
  • Increasing the volume on television or sterio to loud levels, or sitting closer to the TV
  • Switching ears frequently when using the telephone
  • Having difficulty understanding what is being said in a noisy environment

Teachers and parents should also be on the watch for other signs of hearing loss in children and teens:

  • Delayed speech or language development
  • Attention deficit or behavior problems
  • Poor academic performance

Hearing is critical to speech and language development, communication and learning.  To ensure that children and teens can make the most coming school year, parents are urged to see an Audiologist for a routine hearing test of any back to school medical examination for their kids.


(Better Hearing Institute and American Academy of Audiology)