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Hearing Loss no Match for ReSound Smart Hearing Aids

The ENZO 2 hearing aid was introduced by ReSound, and the device is available worldwide. This super power hearing aid was produced with people who suffer from serious hearing loss in mind. Now those people will be able to hear in real time and with much more clarity.

ReSound Hearing Aids

The ENZO 2 hearing aid, along with benefits of the LINX2, is the smallest most powerful device available and produces sound like a set of wireless headphones. Made to connect to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod sounds are greatly audible producing better speech understanding and awareness of space.

ReSound Hearing Aids for Children

ReSound developed the Up Smart 5 hearing aid designed especially for children with hearing loss. With MiFi technology and the use of either their Micro Mic or Multi-Mic, it brought a solution to supporting speech, language, and educational skills. Social interaction was also much easier.