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Music Player Listening Myths

–       Music players are the main reason children have noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)

Damage to an ear from loud sound happens gradually over time. It will take extended amounts of time for a hearing loss to develop from music players. Firearms and firecrackers can cause immediate damage to a child’s hearing.

–       Locking the music player’s volume control ensures safe listening

Remember, the risk of hearing loss from music player listening is due to a combination of listening too loud for too long. Locking the volume setting does not ensure safe listening for your child, especially if they listen too long for the chosen volume.

–       If someone can hear the music from the headphones, it is dangerously loud

Just because you can’t hear the music “leak” from the headphones doesn’t mean the volume is at a safe listening level.

–       The school hearing screening will “catch” a noise-induced hearing loss

Unfortunately, school hearing screenings are not designed to detect early noise-induced hearing loss and many children/adolescents are not screened after middle school years. Parents are encouraged to consult with an audiologist if you are concerned about your child’s hearing.