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The Cost of Hearing Aids

One of our hearing aid patients was recently in the office discussing the cost of his new hearing aids. He wanted to figure out how much his hearing aids would cost per day, assuming a conservative five-year life expectancy. When we had calculated the cost per day, he replied, “That’s about as much as I spend per day on telephone service, and my hearing is more important to me than that!”

The average daily cost for binaural (2) hearing aids works out to:                                    

Hearing Aid Cost: $6000      Average: $3.29/day

Hearing Aid Cost: $5000      Average: $2.47/day

Hearing Aid Cost: $4000      Average: $2.19/day

Hearing Aid Cost: $3000      Average: $1.64/day

Hearing Aid Cost: $2000      Average: $1.10/day

By contrast, the following daily averages were taken from the Department of Labor Consumer Expenditure Survey (2010). These figures reflect the costs for common, everyday services:

Dining Out – $8.65/day

Entertainment – $3.50/day

Electricity – $2.50/day

Vehicle Insurance – $2.00/day

Cup of Coffee – $1.38/day


The cost of two new hearing aids can be little more than the daily cost of a cup of coffee. Isn’t your better hearing worth it? After all, the ability to hear clearly can affect every facet of your life, as well as the lives of those around you.